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Wicker Furniture Rattan Sofa Maintenance Way


1. Rattan furniture in addition to handmade fine art, unique in appearance, but most of all, look at the cane material quality is excellent. Vine surface wrinkling, stating that the furniture is made of delicate vines which are made, poor toughness, low intensity, easily snapped off and corrosion. Rattan material stress, except for Yunnan vines, lots of rattan wood from Indonesia, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries, these vines is hard, first and last consistent thickness.

2. Caught the edge of CANY furniture, rocking, feeling for the frame is solid.

3. With palms in furniture surface to drive it again, if it is smooth, without a shaggy' s right.

4. Take a look at the furniture surface gloss is not uniform, is there a spot color and traces of insects.

5. At the time of use and storage, not to contacts and close to the fire and heat, don' t put it in the sun exposure for a long time; otherwise, easy deformation, bending, cracks, loose, disengaged.

6. Wipe the furniture with food without salt brine, decontamination, and the flexibility to maintain a permanent decline, there could be some crisp fold, prevent insects-proof effect.

7. Rattan furniture fear most grey, easy to clean, usually the surface dust free wet soft cloth. Break of dust cleaning using a paint brush or a vacuum cleaner, do not use a damaged cane furniture cleaning agents or solvents to clean the surface, avoid water for washing and direct exposure to the Sun so as not to lose their elasticity and luster of the vine.

Selection of outdoor furniture products with style complement the surrounding environment; we have to do some engineering, design of the customer, often to the villa's garden, courtyard or garden landscape design gardening to do, they will give the owners to choose the material to match the outdoor furniture to match.

In addition to improved performance of outdoor furniture, from the material, the style, there are some features and techniques to do with the overall style of the surrounding environment in harmony. In general, solid wood furniture is more suitable for modern, minimalist style of the outdoor environment, the main lines to straight lines dominated.

For those who love to garden- style arrangement of the environment, solid wood furniture, wood color, but right then, and through the natural environment and the natural wood grain and more coordinated. By fine lines and details to create a calm atmosphere of natural life, to better physical and mental tension to relax, to add a complicated romantic life.

Few wood tables and chairs, a parasol; plus a cup of coffee or Longjing, accompanied by the afternoon sun and totally relaxed mood, as every city people are yearning for!

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