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About Us


Our company is a professional metal furniture manufacturer, established in 2007, is a natural person Sole Proprietorship Enterprise, has been round for 7 years. Foshan Fantastic Furniture Co. , Ltd is Export Department of Aoter Furniture.

Belonging to medium sized enterprise, covers an area of 18. 000 square metres, owns more than 200 staffs, with a total investment of 30 millions, annual production value of nearly billion.  

Our products is aluminum leisure furniture, using for garden, restaurant, pub, cafe, beach and other leisure venues. Main products include anodized aluminum furniture, rattan furniture, stainless steel tables, PS wood furniture, Imitation bamboo furniture, among them, rattan furniture is a kind of featured product, has the high performance in outdoor using, environmental protection and fashion.

The total output of our company is 80, 000, 000 per year, we not only have the complete production processing, including shaping, welding, assembly,  knitting and packaging, but also have 8 production lines.

The management and administration of company to implement general manager responsibility system, including, trade, budget, purchase, quality control, material control, production, management, finance, discipline inspection, trade union, altogether ten functional departments.  
Products are exported to foreign countries, mainly to European and American markets, all over more than 20 countries worldwide.

Manufacturing capacity is the superiority of our company, except the fully furnished of crafts, technology,  equipment and mold, the more outstanding is our production management mode that include distinctive employment methods and the control methods of productivity and cost, which make sure that we have enough employees and complete the tasks on time, quality, quantity, cost index and safety. In addition, our company is importing the BSCI human rights model
management system that make us more confident to the future competition.

In company the high quality and superior product is our purpose, QM standard is base on the ISO 9001 2008 and the quality conditions by contract make the profit to market with low pricing and consider the customer benefit first.

All staffs are in accordance with standard, benefit and responsibility. We are devoted to work and we are in unity, hard working and integrity. Welcome all the leaders, new and old customers' guidance. 

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